If you want to engage with Natasha Ria El-Scari's work, the best way is to hold her work in your hands, play it in your ears (visit her on iTunes under Natasha Ria El-Scari) or watch her live. Natasha is the voice of the woman outside your stoop, in your college classroom and even in your bedroom. Her sensuality, wit, wickedness and nurturing words leave audiences on a full roller coaster ride. 

Mama Sutra:

Love and Lovemaking Advice to My Son

Natasha Ria El-Scari is long known for being an acclaimed local poet, writer, feminist, and educator but in this offering, her third book, she takes a sharp turn to lean into not only non-fiction but also motherhood. Mama Sutra is an opening to over 15 years of conversation about lovemaking that she has had with her son. The focus: being present with the woman and not focused specifically on the male orgasm. It includes advice about how to prepare the body and personal space for lovemaking, communication and contemplation to liberate long standing taboos within the African American community and beyond. This book is the perfect gift for a young man entering young adulthood, for single men who wants to make sure he is ready for lovemaking or a married man that needs a refresher course. Natasha gives not only practical advice but the real "mother wit" wisdom of what many women are looking for in a lover from a black feminist perspective. Mama Sutra is long overdue, it provides an opening for families and lovers to have conversations that have never occurred but that we all desperately need to be having with our sons and women with their lovers. Mama Sutra is just in time for the holidays, semester breaks and the rest of their lives. Don't delay and purchase today!

Screaming Times

Natasha's debut collection, "Screaming Times" opens with the power and vulnerability that she is known for. From politics to parenting, feminism to love, this collection is the perfect introduction to her work with spoken word poems from the year 2000-2015.  BUY YOUR TITLE DIRECTLY FROM THE AUTHOR!


The Only Other


Powerfully written from the voice of the other woman, Natasha creates a voice that is most often spoken for. These poems are uncomfortable yet interesting enough to keep you completely engaged from cover to cover.  BUY YOUR TITLE DIRECTLY FROM THE AUTHOR!



Live at the Blue Room, Kansas City, MO


Natasha is most known for her powerful recitation and connection with the audience. Here, her story telling, ability to improvise with any musicians, yes, any!