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The beauty of the duet, what we love to witness and celebrate when a woman and man join forces artistically to co-create when no one is looking but what many have experienced in their own life.


Kevin Church Johnson, the recipient of the ARTSKC 2022 Inspiration Grant is versatile. Depending on where you've seen him play you've experienced his pocket Jazz, soul, gospel, R&B love songs, hip hop hooks and  production expressed in an effortless baritone tenor with massive range. But here, you'll see a side of him you haven't experienced. Full production (with the exception of Dream by Desmond Mason), song, and even a vulnerable outtake he didn't know was being recorded. If you know Church, you'll see some of what you can recall but this is altogether new. He's arrived as his evolving self and this time he's in love.


Natasha Ria El-Scari joins Church on "We Found Us" as the sole poet, sharing spoken word she created during their friendship in 2014 (Ride Away) and currently reshaping and challenging what feminism is when it meets true love. This project is long awaited since Natasha has been creatively steeped in the visual art world with curating and managing her own gallery and arts organization. El-Scari is the author of 5 books and 3 spoken word albums, but this project, her first with Church, proves to be the best one yet. 


This is the couples story, the one they've wanted to share but one they've kept close to their hearts until now. It bravely answers questions never asked, challenges untruths and even features a promising 6 year old fashion designer and singer (self-titled track). A vulnerable, passionate, roller coaster of truth and friendship turned to love that displays the awe of two powerhouses picking up their artistic gifts and combining them for one single powerful reason in the 


Order your 15 track CD for $25 (add $5 for shipping) for your playable souvenir.

We Found Us (CD)

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